Live for the society and Live for God

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It is important to understand why we are born, is our way of living right or wrong?

When I was child, I used to think life is what we are watching. Means eating, studying, career, marriage and so on. But when I became mature and started to read devotional books especially Bhagvat Geeta and following the way suggested by Lord Krishna then I came to know life is something else.

It’s not just for oneself, it’s living for society and worshiping God whether you belong to any religion. Just worship your God whom you follow because every God tells the same way to get the peace.

As a human being there are many responsibilities which should be followed by everyone.

  1. Help Needy

Humans are made for helping others especially who are in need. Make the habit to help the needy person everyday whether in small or big manner. If you are financially strong then give financial help, if you are middle class then help physically or mentally. 

  1. Save Tree

Always think about the next generation then we can realize how important it is to save the earth. And Tree played an essential role. Try to make a habit to adopt trees and plant new ones near to your living or wherever it is possible.

  1. Save Water

Day by day the water level is going down and people are neglecting the responsibility to save the water. It is important to understand our responsibility to save the water. There are many methods to save the water and adopt it.

  1. Worship your God

It is important to understand life and that can be possible when you are at peace. And there are many methods to keep your mind peace and stable like Yoga and Worship the Lord. When you worship God and listen and read Your Lord’s words then you come to know the reality of life. You are here to serve the journey and one day everybody has to leave the body. And people are wasting their time collecting materialistic things. It is important to earn money to live but spending all your time for money and materialistic things is not a good way to live.

  1. Do not cheat human

Cheating others for money and materialistic things is not a good way to live. Materialist things will give happiness for a few hours, day or month but someone’s curse will destroy your happiness in the end. So always make a habit to make others happy. This habit keeps a smile on your face and others too. This can create an awesome world where real men live..

  1. Decrease Desire

Desire is the reason for unhappiness, unsatisfaction, cheating, etc. Thus it is important to leave the desire if you can’t leave the desire then decrease it. Desire is the cause of disturbance in mind. Because if your desire is fulfilled then it gives birth to new desire and if it is not fulfilled then you will feel unhappy. So in both cases you would not get the peace. Thus make your habit to leave the desire and do your karma without aiming to get the result.

I know it is not easy to follow the above things but it is not impossible. And for responsible humans it is easy to do these things. Try to adopt these habits then you will see the awesome world near by you, where natural things are enough, satisfaction, peace and happiness would be in rich amounts. Live for society, Live for God.

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